Dementia Australia supports people living with all types of dementia, and their families and carers. We provide support services, education and information, and advocate for greater community understanding of dementia. We have been proud to serve the Australian dementia community since 1983.

Our organisation helps people:

Dementia Australia is committed to elevating the stories and voices of people with a lived experience of dementia from across Australia, through the Dementia Advocates Program.  

The ‘Keep the world open’ initiative has been informed by Dementia Advocates who have shared their experiences of dementia, including discrimination. The stories and messages featured as part of this initiative are grounded in the lived experiences of people with dementia. Advocates have been involved in the production and review of key planning, content creation and information developed as part of this initiative. 

Due to COVID-19 impacts we have been unable to feature Dementia Advocates in all materials. The current travel bans between states and our intention to minimise risk to people during this time, particularly people living with dementia who are some of the most vulnerable to COVID-19, has meant Advocates were unable to be involved in all of the filming, recording and photography for this initiative. Dementia Australia and Dementia Advocates work together to raise awareness of dementia, to tackle stigma and discrimination, and to influence decision-makers in government and service providers. If you are a person with a diagnosis of dementia, a carer or former carer, you can become a Dementia Advocate. 

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