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Just because someone lives with dementia that doesn’t mean they can’t have an active and independent social life.

It’s important for people with dementia to stay socially connected so they can enjoy a high quality of life and keep from feeling isolated.

With a little support, people with dementia who want to, can take the initiative and plan their own social lives. This will let them maintain their independence and feel more in control. There may be times when someone wants to do the planning, and times when they don’t. It’s important to recognise those times and support the person living with dementia with whatever option they choose.

Here’s how you can help.

Download our easy social planner to help people with dementia make plans

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If someone you know lives with dementia, you can help them maintain an independent social life by downloading and sharing our social planner with them.

The planner is designed to be dementia-friendly and assist people to make plans for events with friends and family.

These resources have been developed by the Dementia Australia Advisory Committee, made up of people who live with dementia to support better communications and support people with staying connected over Zoom. That way, even when face-to-face connection isn’t possible, people living with dementia can still stay social.

Let’s Talk Brochure

Using Zoom – Guidelines for meetings

Using Zoom – Participating in meetings

Zoom tips – How to get the best out of the experience

Zoom tips – On holding a dementia-friendly meeting

Zoom tips – Tools and examples

The National Dementia Helpline is a free service that provides information and advice to all people who would like to know more about dementia or access services and support.

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Dementia Australia’s national library service offers a comprehensive collection of print and digital resources about dementia. Explore the resources guide for this Dementia Action Week daily tip.

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