A little support makes a big difference

I’ve noticed changes

Explore tips and tools to help you navigate changes to memory, mood, thinking and behaviour. There is support is available and we can help you learn more.

Changes to memory, mood, thinking or behaviour aren’t necessarily a normal part of ageing. Tracking changes to your cognition over time and gaining awareness of what could be a concern can help you take action if you need to.

Explore resources and our purpose-built app, BrainTrack below. You can monitor your brain health and talk to your GP if you have concerns.

The sooner you know the more you can do.

Finding the right information, and having resources to refer to, can be empowering for people worried about their memory, thinking, mood or behaviour.

Download a fun app to monitor your memory and cognition and set brain-healthy goals to reduce your risk of dementia and optimise brain health.

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