A little support makes a big difference

7 tips for communities

Tip 1

Raise your awareness

Contrary to common belief, dementia isn’t just about memory. There are many resources available to help you educate yourself on dementia.

Tip 2

Include, encourage, empower

Create opportunities for people living with dementia to contribute. This helps individuals stay connected and engaged in the community.

Tip 3

Listen with your heart

Listen to people living with dementia with an open heart and mind. Body language can show that you are engaged and present.

Tip 4

Create moments of joy

If there is someone in your community who is living with dementia, look for comedy and ways to laugh together.

Tip 5

Make your environment dementia-friendly

People living with dementia often have different sensory perceptions, and their immediate environment can have a large impact on their wellbeing.

Tip 6

Look out for people in your community

Find ways to connect and introduce yourself to people in your community. Simple gestures like saying ‘hello’ and showing kindness might make a big difference.

Tip 7

Share the knowledge

Sharing what you have learned about dementia with your friends, family and work colleagues can help everyone increase their awareness – and help eliminate discrimination.

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