A little support makes a big difference

7 tips to support people living with dementia

Tip 1

Home life

People living with dementia often have different sensory perceptions, and their immediate environment can have a large impact on their wellbeing and quality of life.

Tip 2


It can be easy to assume that people living with dementia need help with everything – but that’s not the case.

Gilbert and Sharon Jan

Tip 3


With the many stresses and electronic distractions of today’s world, really listening and giving your full attention to anyone can be a challenge. But practicing good listening skills and paying attention can make a big difference for people living with dementia to feel heard and socially included.

Be respectful

Tip 4

Be respectful

It is important to be respectful to people living with dementia. Respect that the person is still the same person, but with different abilities to before. This tip includes ways to respectfully communicate with someone living with dementia.

Tip 5

Clever technology

There are many technological aids and devices available that can make things easier for people living with dementia.

Tip 6


Just because someone lives with dementia doesn’t mean they can’t have an active and independent social life. Focus on the abilities and strengths of the person, not what they can’t do. Value the contributions they make and keep them included where they would like to be.

Tip 7


Keeping physically fit and mentally engaged can help people remain connected and live well with dementia. If you know someone with dementia who finds it hard to exercise and maintain healthy habits on their own, you can help them stay fit and active.

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