A little support makes a big difference

I work with people living with dementia

In a recent Dementia Australia survey, two thirds of professionals surveyed believed that people living with dementia are discriminated against in the health and medical settings.

Dementia affects close to half a million Australians. That number is set to double in the next 25 years. If we are to prepare for this increase, it is vital we clear up some of the prevailing misconceptions about dementia.

Greater awareness of dementia and how to support people impacted by dementia, will help lift the standard of care and reduce the examples of discrimination people living with dementia have reported experiencing across the health system.

In any health or care setting, there are practical things you can do for people living with dementia to support their inclusion and engagement. Read our simple tips for making your practice more dementia-friendly or browse through our more extensive resources curated for professionals.

Explore practical tips to help you in supporting people living with dementia and making your practice more dementia-friendly.

Dementia Australia has curated a series of resources specifically for professionals, because we believe a supported health and aged care workforce, committed to a person-centred approach, is essential for quality dementia care.

Download posters for your staff room and social media tiles for sharing simple tips with your staff and colleagues.

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