A little support makes a big difference

7 tips for healthcare professionals

Tip 1

Make the environment comfortable for me

The physical environments of hospitals and other care settings can be highly distracting and confusing to people living with dementia and can cause them distress.

Tip 2

Support my independence

Most people living with dementia will benefit from being given space to do things by themselves and to spend time with their visitors alone. By understanding the individual’s strengths and abilities, you will be able to offer support when required.

Tip 3

Listen to and connect with me

It can often be difficult for people living with dementia to communicate in hospital or care settings, especially when healthcare professionals lack a proper understanding of dementia and the listening skills required. If a person with dementia feels like they are not being properly listened to, this can cause them distress and may result in their care not meeting their specific needs.

Tip 4

Communicate clearly with me

It’s important for healthcare professionals to remember that people living with dementia have unique requirements when it comes to communication. Dementia makes it harder for people to concentrate and they may be unable to hold multiple ideas in their minds during conversation. Unfortunately, the distractions and stresses that often occur with hospital admissions or group care settings can make communication more difficult.

My patient has dementia

Tip 5

Help me orientate myself

A few simple reminders can be an effective way of keeping people living with dementia oriented.

Here are some ideas and suggestions for helpful reminders to reduce stress for people living with dementia.

Tip 6

Ensure your staff have the skills and knowledge to support me

To make sure you and your team are best equipped to care for people living with dementia, it’s important you commit to education and training.

Tip 7

Keep me engaged

To enable people living with dementia to live as full and active lives as possible, it’s important they stay socially, physically, and mentally engaged.

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