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Dementia practice health check

The Dementia practice health check is the first step to assessing dementia care and meeting the Aged Care Quality Standards in your care home.

The dementia practice health check for managers is a free online self-assessment tool designed by experts from Dementia Australia’s Centre for Dementia Learning.

The Dementia practice health check is the first step to assessing dementia care and meeting the Aged Care Quality Standards in your care home which are:

  1. Consumer dignity and choice
  2. Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers
  3. Personal care and clinical care
  4. Services and supports for daily living
  5. Organisation’s service environment
  6. Feedback and complaints
  7. Human resources
  8. Organisational governance

Dementia Australia has aligned the Aged Care Quality Standards with dementia specific requirements to ensure that people with a lived experience of dementia are offered a quality care. Based on feedback from focus groups across the country, Dementia Australia has developed recommendations for dementia quality care endorsed by people living with dementia, families and carers at a national Consumer Summit in 2019.

With more than 50% of people in residential care living with a diagnosis of dementia, it is becoming increasingly important for managers and team leaders to understand and evaluate the dementia knowledge, skills and attitudes among their employees. Dementia practice health check will help you to reflect on staff performance against the Aged Care Quality Standards when delivering care to people living with dementia.

The health check is easy to do. Start by completing the free, short survey for managers. Then invest in gaining insights into your staff’s capability by having them complete the staff survey. These survey results are then compiled to produce a detailed baseline report.

This free tool is designed to highlight strengths and areas for improvement in dementia practice within your care home. It takes 5 minutes to fill in and the results will be presented to you instantly upon completion.

A Dementia Australia Customer Relationship Consultant will call you to discuss your results and opportunities for improvement. As part of this discussion you may be offered the opportunity to undertake a the comprehensive Dementia Practice Health Check for your staff. This analysis is a more specific measure of staff’s actual performance against the new standards with the focus on dementia practice. This tool translates the new Aged Care Quality Standards into a series of scenarios that measure staff’s knowledge, skills, attitude, and confidence in delivering quality dementia care.

Dementia Australia is a leading national provider of professional dementia education. Our approach is informed by the lived experience of people impacted by dementia, latest research, and contemporary practices.

For more information call 1300 DEMENTIA (1300 336 368) or email cdl@dementia.org.au

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