A little support makes a big difference

Clever technology

There are many technological aids and devices available that can make things easier for people living with dementia.

These devices can act as memory prompts and support with locating important items, keeping track of medications and more.

You might want to explore:

Digital photo books allow you to store a large number of photos and record voice captions that can be easily played back. These captions can be used to provide orientation and remind you of who or what is in the photo.

Wireless key and item locators: These devices make it easy for you to find missing keys or other items by “tagging” items with a colour-coded receiver that sounds an alarm when the corresponding coloured button is pressed on a remote.

Medication reminders: You can use specialised devices or even set reminders on your phone or other devices to prompt you to take your medication.

Flood detectors or plugs: These devices will sound an alarm if you accidentally leave a tap running or can automatically open when the water reaches a certain point, which will allow water to drain rather than overflow.

Digital memory books: Creating a digital memory book is a great way to access positive memories. Use our online tool to submit photos, stories and details that will be converted into a digital and printable album you can share with family and friends.

This a great activity to do with someone you share special memories with, create your own digital memory book.

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Dementia Australia’s national library service offers print and digital resources about dementia. Explore information related to these tips by accessing the library guide.