A little support makes a big difference


Keeping physically fit and mentally engaged can help you remain connected and live well with dementia. If you find it hard to exercise and maintain healthy habits on your own, can ask family and friends to help you stay fit and active.

How your community can help you stay physically healthy and stimulated:

Being with a person while they exercise can be motivating, even if it’s just going for a walk.

Good nutrition is a key part of keeping physically healthy, but it can be challenging . See if your family or friends might want to go shopping together, share healthy recipes or plan out meals together.

Regular physical check-ups with a doctor are important to identify any areas of concern. Ask to arrange regular appointments and ask for support at the appointment, if you need it.

Exercising the mind: You can exercise your mind by doing things that are a bit challenging. Keeping an active mind can help you feel good and think more clearly.

Dementia Australia has resources to help all Australians learn more about how to support people with dementia to stay healthy. Learn more https://livingwellwithdementia.org.au/

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