A little support makes a big difference


It can be easy for family and friends to assume that you need help with everything – but that’s may not be the case.

Try making the following suggestions to your family and friends so they can give you more space in the following scenarios:

  • When talking to me, make sure you listen and give me the time I need to have my say.
  • When organising an event or activity for me, ask me directly what I would like to do and if I’d like to be involved in the planning process.
  • When I am trying to solve a problem, give me the space and time to work it out on my own. Ask me if I need your help and how I’d like you to help me.
  • If I am not responding to you verbally , be patient and give me time. Try not to rush me or speak for me.
  • When I am performing a task, give me plenty of time and try not to take over or micromanage me.

Share our online quiz with your family and friends to help them understand and explore things they may be able to do, in a range of different scenarios, to give you the space you need.

You can also direct your family and friends to read our 7 tips to support people living with dementia, share the link via email or social media.

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Dementia Australia’s national library service offers print and digital resources about dementia. Explore information related to these tips by accessing the library guide.