A little support makes a big difference

Tips for running an event

Explore our tips and tools for hosting your own event for Dementia Action Week.

Decide what type of event you would like to host

Examples of events you might run:

  • A face-to-face forum in your area.
  • An online event.
  • An event at your workplace.
  • An event at your community group or sporting club.
  • A morning tea at home with family or friends.

Here are some resources, tips and ideas to help choose your venue for your event:

  • Consider if your venue is suitable for your audience, such as people who are culturally and linguistically diverse or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Use appropriate signage to make it easy for your guests to locate the venue.

Below is a digital invitation that you can use to invite your guests. Whether you’re hosting a private event with friends and family, or in a healthcare professional setting, choose an invite that is appropriate to you and personalise for your event.

Here are some social media tiles to assist you in promoting your event. You can share these social tiles with your professional and personal networks. Make sure you use the hashtag #DementiaActionWeek.

What content to include at your event

Dementia Australia has put together some resources for you to use at your event:

  • Dementia Action Week community forum PowerPoint presentation.
  • Scenarios for different settings.