Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia and the leading cause of death of Australian women.  Currently there is an estimated 459,000 Australians living with dementia and almost 1.6 million people in Australia involved in the care of someone living with dementia.

Dementia is not one single disease. It is the term used to describe the symptoms of a large group of illnesses which cause a progressive decline in a person’s functioning. It is not a normal part of ageing.

Find out more about dementia and hear from people with a lived experience.

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What is dementia?

People living with dementia, and carers, share their stories in a very personal way.

What annoys you the most about dementia?

‘Life doesn’t stop with a diagnosis of dementia’

People living with dementia talk about how dementia impacts them.

What should people know about dementia?

‘Dementia isn’t contagious…but hope is’

Stories from people living with dementia sharing what they would like people to know about dementia.

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What is dementia?

Read Chapter One of The Dementia Guide What is dementia? Who gets dementia? What causes dementia? How does dementia affect younger people? And how does dementia progress?

Watch real stories of people living with dementia and the forms of discrimination they have experienced. These stories were shared as part of Dementia Action Week 2019.

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